Tremendous Economic Opportunities Waiting For You At Dholera Sir

Being India’s first smart city, Dholera SIR brings with it a host of economic opportunities for people from all walks of the society, be it –a home owner, looking for a secure futureor a business person looking for an ideal location to grow his/her business, this place has something for everyone. According to the property experts, owing to various great factors, Dholera projects will eventually generate excellent returns. Here’s how:

Great location-excellent opportunities for home owners and businesses

One of the main deciding factors when choosing a property is-the location. The future worth of a property greatly depends on its location, so whether you are investing your money in one of the Dholera SIR projects for investment purpose, a lifestyle upgrade or both,  the location of your property will help determine the future worth of your investment. Dholera SIR is located 120 km south of Ahmadabad. With the development happening at a very fast rate, this place is expected to see a host of industrial and commercial activities, which will convert into great returns for the investors.

Being located on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, there is a huge potential for creation of job opportunities, opening doors for great opportunity for those looking to achieve financial stability by finding a good job.

Listed as one of the fastest developing cities

While, the property experts call Dholera, the future city of India, the smart city has made headlines recently due its impressive development rate. Forbes magazine has listed Dholera among the 12 fastest developing cities of the world. There are numerous opportunities for investment in Dholera for homeowners and businesses alike.

Single window clearance

Single window clearance and easy dispute resolution mechanism makes investment in Dholera SIR projects even more attractive to the investors. It takes away unnecessary hassles, giving people an easy way to fulfil their dream of buying a good home.


Flexibility in decisions and autonomy in operations is another attractive feature of Dholera properties. It giveshigh opportunity for the private sectors for investment in Dholera SIR.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in Dholera properties with Infinity Infra-the premier Dholera developers and find the safest and the best way to invest in Dholera properties. Being a prominent player in real estate in DHOLERA Area since 2006, Infinity Infra is the most popular company for finding the best Dholera properties. Their attractive projects in the smart city of Gujarat has drawn the interest of many investors from the different parts of India.

To know more about their Dholera projects, visit Infinity Infra at-


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