Investment In Dholera SIR Properties – A Smart Decision For Your Secure Future

For investors, property is one of the safest ways to invest as compared to traditional investment options such as the share market which is full of uncertainties. Investors always look for smart investment opportunities with handsome returns being their utmost priority. Investment in Dholera SIR Properties is one such great opportunity for investors who look forward to a secure future with unmatched infrastructural growth and development in their city of residence.


Dholera Developers takes into consideration the DMIC objectives and goals and focuses towards creating an environment which would enhance investment climate, protect local industries, drastically improve quality of life, create world-class infrastructure to attract investment on a global level. As there is a huge demand for Residential Plots In Dholera SIR, investors are expected to get great returns on their property once the area is developed.

It is being touted as a global industrial, residential, commercial, knowledge and trading hub with world class amenities and infrastructure facilities and is a joint venture of the Gujarat and Central Governments. The international design of the city is prepared by world-renowned UK-based firm Halcrow Group and intelligent traffic solutions are to be provided by Cisco and IBM.

Here are some reasons why one should give serious thought to investment in Dholera SIR properties:

Infrastructure and Facilities: Dholera SIR offers investors world class infrastructure and facilities such as planned metro rail connectivity from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, a sea port, an international airport for cargo and passengers, 10 lane and 6 lane expressways, and more. It is the first city being developed on the DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) route and is being built on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

Location: When investing in land and property, it becomes crucial for one to determine the location of the property as this would be one of the deciding factors helping you choose the right land investment project. A property at a strategic location allows you to save your time, money and energy. Dholera SIR is located just 120 km south of Ahmadabad. Thanks to SIR Act, 2009, this area is expected to see a wide array of industrial and commercial activities in the near future.

Clean and Green Environment: A considerable number of people now prefer properties that do not just offer them great infrastructure and amenities but also clean, green, energy-efficient and safe homes where their family and loved ones can have a good quality of life. Dholera SIR takes on projects and completes them on time without compromising on the environment.

Job Opportunities: The infrastructural development and location of Dholera SIR on the DMIC increases the potential for various new jobs for the country’s youth. The city has upcoming industrial hubs, financial centers, technical institutes and medical research institutes with state-of-art facilities that are certain to increase job opportunities.


Factors To Watch For Before Buying Land In Dholera

Buying a property is one of the most significant investments     a person makes in his lifetime. But, the hasty decision of investing in a property without vetting all the legal property documents can prove to be a costly mistake. If you are planning to buy a property in Dholera, here are some legal and other aspects to keep in mind before buying a property.

  1. Sale Deed:

A Sale Deed acts as proof of sale and transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. Before the execution of the sale deed, sale agreement should be signed, containing various terms and conditions as agreed upon between the buyer and the seller. Before execution of the sale deed, the property should have a clear title and all the statutory payments such as property tax, water charges, cess, society charges, maintenance charges, electricity charges etc., should be settled by the seller before executing the Sale Deed.

  1. Mother Deed:

Mother Deed is a very important document that helps in the further sale of the property, thereby establishing the new ownership. If the original Mother Deed is missing, certified copies should be obtained from the registering authorities. Mother Deed includes the change in ownership of the property, and the sequence should be updated until the current owner.

  1. Building approval plan:

Another very important legal document to look for is the building approval plan. A building owner must hire a registered architect who will draw a plan meeting the applicable bye-laws.

  1. Conversion Certificate (Agricultural to Non-Agricultural land):

With a vast amount of land being agricultural in nature in Dholera project, a Conversion Certificate is mandatory to be obtained from the legal body for the property. It is issued to change the use of the land from agricultural to non-agricultural purpose

  1. Khata Certificate

Another very important step is to obtain khata certificate, which is nothing but obtaining the property details from the assessment registrar. It is needed while property buying.

  1. Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

An Encumbrance Certificate consists of all the registered transactions done on the property during the period for which the EC is sought. A copy of sales deed must be submitted.

  1. Occupancy Certificate (for a constructed property):

Occupancy certificate, which certifies that the project is ready for occupancy is pertinent at the time of buying a property, or seeking a home loan, for the transfer of Khata.

Before you think of buying property in Dholera SIR Project, make sure you are familiar with the legal procedures involved in buying the Dholera property. This would help protect your interests and make your purchase something that you can be proud of. To find the best property deals that come with an assurance of quality, visit Infinity Infra-the leading Dholera developers at-’s-100-Smart-City-C-2014-08-06-890x395-400x395.jpg

Tremendous Economic Opportunities Waiting For You At Dholera Sir

Being India’s first smart city, Dholera SIR brings with it a host of economic opportunities for people from all walks of the society, be it –a home owner, looking for a secure futureor a business person looking for an ideal location to grow his/her business, this place has something for everyone. According to the property experts, owing to various great factors, Dholera projects will eventually generate excellent returns. Here’s how:

Great location-excellent opportunities for home owners and businesses

One of the main deciding factors when choosing a property is-the location. The future worth of a property greatly depends on its location, so whether you are investing your money in one of the Dholera SIR projects for investment purpose, a lifestyle upgrade or both,  the location of your property will help determine the future worth of your investment. Dholera SIR is located 120 km south of Ahmadabad. With the development happening at a very fast rate, this place is expected to see a host of industrial and commercial activities, which will convert into great returns for the investors.

Being located on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, there is a huge potential for creation of job opportunities, opening doors for great opportunity for those looking to achieve financial stability by finding a good job.

Listed as one of the fastest developing cities

While, the property experts call Dholera, the future city of India, the smart city has made headlines recently due its impressive development rate. Forbes magazine has listed Dholera among the 12 fastest developing cities of the world. There are numerous opportunities for investment in Dholera for homeowners and businesses alike.

Single window clearance

Single window clearance and easy dispute resolution mechanism makes investment in Dholera SIR projects even more attractive to the investors. It takes away unnecessary hassles, giving people an easy way to fulfil their dream of buying a good home.


Flexibility in decisions and autonomy in operations is another attractive feature of Dholera properties. It giveshigh opportunity for the private sectors for investment in Dholera SIR.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in Dholera properties with Infinity Infra-the premier Dholera developers and find the safest and the best way to invest in Dholera properties. Being a prominent player in real estate in DHOLERA Area since 2006, Infinity Infra is the most popular company for finding the best Dholera properties. Their attractive projects in the smart city of Gujarat has drawn the interest of many investors from the different parts of India.

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First Time Home Buyers-Factors You Need To Consider

Buying home for the first time can be a daunting experience. There are many apprehensions that surround home buyers, like-will the property yield good returns? What future hold for this area? How will I arrange for the funds? And a lot many questions like that. If you are a first-time buyer, the mere thought of things going wrong can give you jitters. Here are some useful tips and best practices for first-time buyers, brought to you by Infinity Infra-the best company to buy Dholera SIR residential plots.

Determine your needs: You have several options when purchasing a residential property: a traditional villa, a condo, residential lands etc. Each option has its pros and cons, depending on your needs, so you need to determine your needs and which type of property will help meet your need. For example, a small family with just husband and wife can live a comfortable life in a 2BHK apartment, while a joint family with many family members will obviously need bigger space for comfortable living. There are many residential projects in Dholera SIR by prestigious developers, like Infinity Infra that hold promise of comfortable living and golden future for your entire family.

Plan for the down payment: Young home buyers find it difficult to pay for large down payment, so start saving early. The earlier you start saving for the down payment, the easier it gets. Stashing some money every month in your new home fund will put you in a better position.

Understand the home financing process: Being fully prepared is the best way to go when it comes to buying property. It is very important to fully understand the mortgage and the home-financing process. Take advantage of online resources, talk to experts; do as much research as you can to understand the process.

Are you are looking for premium residential plots with basic and luxurious amenities in Dholera SIR? Contact Infinity Infra-the leading Dholera developers. They have a lot to offer towards meeting and satisfying your need across Dholera Smart City, with unmatched features and amenities with easy connectivity to schools, super specialty hospitals and other commercial centers.

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Best Place To Buy Land In India

Buying plots can be one of the most daunting tasks for home buyers and investors. There are various plots available for sale throughout India, promising to offer great future and good returns on investment. But, there are innumerable positive factors and attributes that make Dholera smart city more endearing. Such factors include infrastructure development, commercial progress, clean environment and many more. Here’s why you must not miss the opportunity to buy property in Dholera, brought to you by Infinity Infra.

Dholera smart city is the first notified SIR or special investment region in Gujarat. Located 120 km south of Ahmadabad, the 60,000-hectare area is expected to see industrial and commercial activities, thanks to SIR Act, 2009. According to the representatives of Infinity Infra group-the best company for Dholera land investment, Dholera has also been shortlisted for developing Greenfield port, which will offer unique opportunity for providing suitable facilities for automobile and car export. From International Airport, metro train, sea port to Expressway; Dholera smart city will have the best infrastructural development.

Dholera SIR forms a part of $90-billion Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project, which is another reason why investing in land in Dholera is a good option as being on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, will create a considerable number of jobs, opening doors for great opportunity.

To provide people the best residential and investment options in the area, Infinity Infra group has launched several residential schemes in the past like-Green Field Gorasu 1, Infinity City 1, which got overwhelming response from the buyers. Their new projects-Green Field Gorasu 2 and Parshvanath Vatika is also getting great response, thanks to infrastructural development in DSIR. Plots are available in different sizes to suit different needs of buyers. Dholera projects by Infinity Infra, being close to the SIR are going for a premium.

So, what are you waiting for? As there is huge demand for plots in Dholera, you must act fast and schedule an appointment with Infinity Infra Developers today, to find the best residential properties in Dholera SIR. The future belongs to Dholera, come be a part of it, get the best property options at Infinity Infra. Visit-