Land Investment In Dholera SIR Secures Your Future

Smart city concept has taken up by the Central Government is the need of the hour that became necessary looking at the following facts.

India is predominantly an agricultural based economy and about 80% of the population is still living in rural areas. However, in the recent past, the situation has changed a lot as avenues in the rural areas are dwindling fast, with the result there has been a huge migration towards urban areas which has resulted in burdening the infrastructure of Indian cities whether they are small towns or metro cities.

The situation in urban areas has become quite woeful due to unplanned growth. The situation is aggravated by lack of attention to basic civic amenities, lack of professional approach by the planners, and high incidence of corruption in civic bodies.

A smart city and a first development area have been started in Dholera by the Dholera SIR authority that is located about 95 km from Ahmadabad on the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor (DMIC). It is not just the industries that are being developed, but also the standard of living of the people.


Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) is being developed into a smart city with the help of huge funds allocated by the Government under this program. The Central Government has approved Rs 2784.83 crore for construction of roads and allied services, ABCD building complex, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, and common effluent treatment plant (CETP) in Phase-1 of Dholera SIR.

Town Planning in Dholera SIR is divided into different zones such as Industrial, Residential, City Centre, Knowledge, IT Park, Solar Park, Public Facilities zone, Sports, Entertainment, High Access Corridor, Green Space, and Agriculture, for development.

Moreover, Dholera SIR is situated just about 95 km from the city of Ahmadabad. It will be connected to the city by a metro railway and high-speed expressway. In addition, it will be well-connected to the airport and Dholera seaport. Dholera SIR is also located close to the Gujrat international finance tech city and to the Petrochemicals and Petroleum Investment Region (PCPIR).

Due to the vast Infrastructure facilities being developed, investment in Dholera SIR is likely to give good returns in the times to come with Infinity Infra. It will, therefore, be a wise and a smart decision to buy a modern flat in Dholera with the intent to invest. The outlook for handsome returns and a secure future is definitely favourable.



Why Invest In Dholera SIR With Infinity Infra

We all want a secure future for our kids and a city where they can get the best facilities to blossom into beautiful individuals and achieve their life goals. Keeping these aims in mind, Infinity Infra presents the best residential plots in their Dholera project, which holds the promise of a golden future, with development better than Singapore and Shanghai, in terms of size, facilities, infrastructure and most importantly economic activities. Here are some main reasons to choose Infinity Infra to buy property in Dholera SIR.

A name you can bank upon

They say that a man’s reputation precedes him, the same goes for the real estate company you choose. Infinity Infra is a name that is build on the foundation of trust. They are pioneers in the field of real estate development and investment with 100% satisfaction of the customers.


Experience is the true asset of a good real estate development company. Having served in the industry for over 10 years, Infinity Infra is one of the most sought after developers in Dholera region. Infinity Infra has been a prominent player in real estate in DHOLERA Area since 2006, when SIR was not even planned.

Quality that reflects

It is very important to choose the right property in order to generate high return on investment. Some important factors investors should keep in mind when approaching a real estate developer is the company’s market reputation, level of service, and quality of work. One should always visit the previous property developed by the real estate developer you are going to buy property from and check personally regarding its maintenance, services, experience and quality of work. Infinity Infra has successfully developed Green Field Gorasu 1 and Infinity City 1in the past. Within the short period of their launch, they got many buyers for investment in Dholera due to the exceptional quality of work and after service.

Why Dholera?

The Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is a shining example of India’s golden future. Expected to witness many mega development projects in future, it is touted as India’s one of the best economic zone rivalling the best in the world. It will be a self governed economic region enjoying full support of the government and full potential for private sector participation. In terms of connectivity as well international facilities, it is slated to be one of the best developed cities in India.

With optimism and determination Infinity Infra is planning and building the city of tomorrow. Visit them at- and find the best residential and commercial lands in Dholera.